3 Different Types of Seafood to try in the Bay Area

1. New England Lobster Market & Eatery- Burlingame 

Fresh oysters, delicious crab sandwiches, lobster chowder, what else could you ever dream of? I like my oysters plain because I love the natural taste. These oysters were way beyond my expectations because there was no salty ocean water taste or preservatives whatsoever- it was just FRESH. The dungeness crab sandwich was so tasty and satisfying. I love how the restaurant doesn't add too much seasoning or flavoring so you can definitely taste how fresh their ingredients are! Lastly, the lobster chowder was perfect. It was creamy but not overbearing. The chunks of lobster in there were pretty large and the bread that came with the soup had a delicious buttery spread that simply melted in my mouth! 

2. Ray's Crab Shack- Newark 

Love Boiling Crab but hate waiting in line? Ray's Crab Shack is very similar to the famous Cajun chain restaurant but newer, cleaner, and without long lines! My favorite is to order a pound of shrimp with Ultimate Power flavor (Original Cajun, Cajun Garlic, and Cajun Lemon Pepper) with mild spiciness and a corn on a cob in the bag. The shrimp is extremely fresh and crunchy. The flavor is mind blowing because it's savory and spicy and the kick of garlic makes it very aromatic. I like putting the corn within the bag so it soaks up all the delicious flavors. A huge reason why I prefer Ray's over Boiling Crab is that Boiling Crab doesn't have enough garlic taste, but that's just my taste preference! The restaurant is huge and can seat a LOT of people (trust me, I even had a birthday dinner here once!).  

3. Geta- Oakland

If you're looking for quality sushi, you'll find it here. I love sashimi because of its unique texture and natural flavors. At Geta, there's a lot of different types of fish you can try here. My favorite is definitely the sake (salmon) or the arctic char. Both have a slightly sweet taste to it. The cuts of the fish are thick so the restaurant definitely doesn't skimp on the good stuff! The maki rolls I enjoy here are the simple avocado + raw fish rolls. The two maki rolls above are the avo tuna and the avo salmon roll. I like these simplistic rolls here because I like to taste the actual raw fish, rather than the sauce or extra garnishing. The wait here can be pretty daunting because the restaurant only seats about 25, but I love the environment because it reminds me of an authentic, cramped sushi shop in Japan! 


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