Best Foods to Eat During the Winter!

Here in the Bay Area, winter time can get really cold. Here are some of my favorite foods to help stay warm during this harsh winter season! 

1. Noodle soups

Nothing hits the spot better than a hot bowl of noodle soup. My personal favorite during the cold season is the bun bo hue because the spiciness is a great kick and helps you get warmer faster. I love drinking some of the soup because it has great flavors and it warms me right up. 

2. Hot pot

Hot pot is an Asian cuisine that consists of delicious broth boiling in a metal pot. Depending on what kind of foods you like, you will add in your favorite meats, vegetables, noodles, and sides. Traditionally, hot pot is done at home and everyone shares the food out of the same pot. Recently, individual hot pots have become really popular, meaning that all the ingredients are all prepared inside the pot for you. Boiling Point is one of the major establishments that have won the way to many people's hearts since there are a huge variety of flavors you can choose from. My top two pots are the Japanese miso hot soup since it's very light tasting and have a whole bunch of delicious seafood and beef hot soup because it's very hearty and the broth is super satisfying. 

3. Coffee + Tea

I'm not too huge on coffee but once in a while, I love myself a nice big cup of latte from farm:table in San Francisco. Hot coffee or tea is one of my favorite things to drink during the winter because it's easy to make, it's portable, and it's so nice and warm. I recently received a cute SF mug from Anthropologie, tea infuser, and some delicious loose-leaf teas for Christmas. I'm so excited to use these because I'm a huge tea person! 


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