DIY Floral Minnie ears

It's been pretty quiet back at home and I'm heading down to Southern California in a few weeks so I decided to do a little project! It's a great easy project that doesn't require a lot of difficult skills and allows room for a lot of creativity! I didn't complete this in all one sitting but in total, it took about less than 2 hours. 

Here are the supplies you'll need: 1 small sheet of foam, 1 sheet of white felt (9 x 12 in.), white headband, different bunches of artificial flowers, ribbon for bow (or if you have a random bow lying around at home), a pencil, a circle for tracing, a pair of scissors, and a glue gun.

You begin by tracing two circles next to each other on a felt sheet to create the ears. I drew the two circles about 2 inches apart from each other and connected them. I used a mason jar sealing lid to trace mine. Make sure you mark it a bit darker because it can be pretty difficult to draw on felt! Do this twice because you'll need to make 2 ears. After you're done, use your scissors to cut the shape out. 

Next, you'll trace the same circle 4 times onto the foam sheet. This is to provide padding inside your ears so they won't be so floppy. There's no need to connect these circles together. One important thing to note is that make sure the size of the foam circles are smaller than the felt sheets. When you put them inside the felt sheet, they have to fit nicely so that you can still glue the felt sheets together. Cut the 4 circles out.

Now, position your cut-out felt ears onto your headband. This is to get a sense of where the ears should be placed before you glue them on. I made a little mark on the top part of the headband to help myself position it a bit better. When you're satisfied with the placement, glue only the middle portion of the ears to the underside of the headband, as if you were wrapping it around the headband. 

After you have affixed the ears to the headband, you can glue your foam circles to the inside of the felt sheets. Each ear has 2 foam sheets in them. Be careful when you seal the ears because hot glue might ooze out! I only used a small amount of glue around the edges of the foam circles. 

Here's the fun and pretty part. Start plucking the flowers off the of the stems. Some of the flowers might be multi-layered and won't stay together after you peel them off so you might have to use your scissors to cut the flower from the stem directly. I chose colors that are of similar colors to each other so it matches well.

Start gluing the flowers onto the ears! I found that it was easier to apply glue to the bottom of the flowers first and then stick them onto the ears. Allow about 10 minutes for the flowers to dry before you flip the headband over and glue flowers onto the backside. 

I left a little gap in the middle of the ear so I have room to glue the bow on. 

Final step! Glue the bow onto the middle of the headband. Also apply some glue to the blank spaces on the ear and gently press the bow onto the ears. Remember to glue on the backside too so it won't fall off! 

Tada!! You're done! That was pretty simple, wasn't it? 


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